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Polymer body ORP combination electrode

Purchase this redox electrode by itself or as a complete ArrowLabb(TM) Measurement System. The complete system includes everything you need to measure, log and graph all in one. System includes redox electrode, advanced digital meter plus our exclusive logging and plotting software and more. Full details on complete redox systems.

Polymer body ORP combination electrode
Redox Electrode:
Catalog Number: 1513L - Regular Price: $225.00
Complete Redox Measurement System:
Catalog Number: 1513CXS - Regular Price: $925.00
Millivolt Range: 0 to +/- 1000 mv
Temperature range: 0 to 80 oC
Body Type: epoxy
Dimensions: 12 mm dia x 115 mm length
Internal Ref.: Ag/AgCl sealed

Description: Redox-ORP electrode with epoxy polymer body for good strength and durability in both lab and field applications. Platinum sensing element and Ag/AgCl reference element. Works with all standard pH/millivolt meters.

Applications:Measure redox potentials in swimming pools, sea water, waste water treatment, plating, agriculture, aquariums, hydroponics, and farming.

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