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Dissolved Oxygen Probes

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pO2 & pCO2 Micro Electrodes

The new pO2 probe can be used to measure pO2 of tissues, whole cells, cell fractions, and various types of respiration studies. It can also be used to measure dissolved oxygen in biological and environmental samples. The pCO2 probe can be used to measure pCO2 in blood, fermentation studies, and various tissues. The pO2 probe has a 2mm tip and a 6mm body diameter. The pC02 probe has a 9mm body diameter.

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DO-166MT-1 pO2 probe
GS-136C0-1 pCO2 probe

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pO2 Needle Probe

The new pO2 needle probe that can be used directly with a strip chart recorder or pH meter to measure pO2 of various plant and animal tissue, cell cultures, and respiration studies. Unit comes complete with electronic signal conditioner for direct hookup to your recorder or pH meter.

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Order DO-166NPS p02 probe
Price: $1520.00

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Complete DO measurement and data logging systems

Our dissolved oxygen probes including micro probe, needle probe and micro flow through probes are now available as complete systems which include DO probe, amplifier, dissolved oxygen monitor, and software which logs and plots directly to your PC.

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Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Measure dissolved oxygen using your pH meter

  • Use with any pH Meter. Probe can be plugged directly into any standard pH meter for dissolved oxygen measurements.
  • Covers Full DO Range. Electrode can measure dissolved oxygen from 0 to 20 ppm or 0 to 150% saturation.
  • Eliminates Winkler Method. Probe measures dissolved oxygen directly without involved wet chemistry of titrations needed with the Winkler method.
  • BOD Measurements. BOD probe fits directly into BOD bottle for 5 day or continuous BOD measurements.
  • Portable. On-the-spot field measurements of dissolved oxygen can be made without a trip back to the laboratory.
  • Rapid Response. Typical response time at room temperature is 12 seconds.
  • Use for both BOD measurements in the LAB and for Field use.

Oxygen Range: 0 to 20 ppm dissolved oxygen
Accuracy: +/- 0.2 ppm at calibration temperature
Temperature Range: 0 to 50 degrees C
RESPONSE TIME: Response time at 25 C is 12 seconds for 90% of reading.
Connector: Available in either U.S. standard or BNC connector (please specify when ordering).
Power: 9 volt disposable battery.
Sample Size: Minimum sample size is about 2 ml.

Ordering Information
DO-166 Oxygen Probe

DO-166 Oxygen electrode including spare membranes and bottle of filling solution. Can be used for both BOD and field measurements.
Cat. No. DO-166-6S with 4 ft. cable
Cat. No. DO-166-15S with 15 ft. cable
Cat. No. DO-166-25S with 25 ft. cable

Cat. No. SM-166S Spare DO Membranes-
Package of 10 membranes

Cat. No. SF-166S Filling Solution
2 ounce bottle of filling solution.

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Micro Flow Through CO2 & pCO2 Electrodes

  • Use in Bioreactor, Cell Culture, and Organ Perfusion. pO2 System low volume (80 microliter) is ideally suited for in line monitoring of bioreactors, organ perfusion, and cell culture. pC02 volume is 100ul.
  • Adapts to silastic tubing
  • End fittings on pO2 & pCO2 probes attach directly to standard silastic tubing.
  • Use with your pH meter
  • pO2 & pCO2 probes plug directly into your pH meter.
  • Continuous pO2 & CO2 monitoring using strip chart recorder.

Further information and specifications
Ordering Information
Model DO-166FTS flow though pO2 Probe
Model GS-136COFTS micro flow through CO2 probe

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