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Micro flow through pH electrode

micro flow through pH electrode

New! Now available in autoclavable version.

Purchase our micro flow thru pH electrode by itself or as a complete ArrowLabb(TM) Micro pH Flow Thru Measurement System. The complete system includes everything you need to measure, log and graph all in one. System includes micro flow through pH electrode, advanced digital meter plus our exclusive logging and plotting software and more. Full details on flow through electrode systems.

Electrode Cat. No.: FTPH-2SUnit Price: $965.00
Complete System Cat. No.: FTPH-2SXS Unit Price: $1495.00 Best buy
Electrode Cat. No.: FTPH-2S-AC
Unit Price: $1165.00
Complete System Cat. No.: FTPH-2SXS-AC Autoclavable Unit Price: $1695.00

pH Range: 0 to 13
Temp. Range: 0 to 80 oC
Body Type: acrylic flow cell, epoxy electrode body
Dimensions: Less that 50 microliters of internal dead volume
Internal ref.: Calomel

Description: Micro flow through pH electrode with input and output ports utilizing standard 1/4-28 chromatography fittings.

Applications: Liquid chromatography, FIA, organ perfusion studies.

Unique adavantages of micro flow through electrodes

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