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Advanced Micro Oxidation-Reduction Measurement System

Ideal system for:
  • cytochrome potential
  • 96 well plates
  • micro test tubes
  • serum cups
  • capillary tubes
  • NMR tubes
  • microcentrifuge tubes
  • studies of cytochromes

The ArrowDOXTM Oxidation-Reduction Potential System is the ideal system for these applications for the following reasons:

  • GUARANTEED UNBREAKABLE. Solid state flouropolymer body makes micro redox electrode virtually unbreakable.
  • MEASURE OXIDATION-REDUCTION POTENTIAL IN 1/10 OF A DROP. This electrode enables you to measure samples as small as 5 micro liters (1/10 of a drop)
  • EXTREMELY SMALL SENSOR SIZE. Tip diameter of the ArrowDOXTM electrode is only 1mm.
  • LOW IMMERSION DEPTH. Immersion depth for the ArrowDOXTM micro combination redox electrode is 0.5 mm.
  • GUARANTEED UNBREAKABLE. Electrode features solid state sensor and fluoropolymer capillary tube making it virtually unbreakable. Electrode is guaranteed against breakage for the life of the probe. Why settle for glass?
  • MORE STABLE THAN GLASS ELECTRODES. The solid state design of the probe offers a much lower output resistance than glass probes of the same size giving a much more stable redox reading.
  • MEASURE MIDPONT POTENTIAL OF CYTOCHROMES by simultaneously measuring the oxidation-reduction potential while at the same time measuring the spectrophotometric absorption during a reductive potentiometric titration of cytochrome
  • PLOT REDOX POTENTIAL CONTINUOUSLY ON YOUR PC. Monitor the change in oxidation-reduction potential with time directly on your PC and see a real time curve as the potential changes. Ideal for measuring the midpoint potential of cytochromes.
  • TABULATE OXIDATION-REDUCTION POTENTIAL VALUES ON YOUR PC. Dip the micro redox electrode into a 96 well plate and record oxidation-reduction potential value on your PC while at the same time keying in the sample ID. Go to next well and repeat procedure. Get complete redox potential record of as many as thousands of individual samples.


  • Biotechnology
  • Biological sciences, medicine & physiology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Radioactive samples
  • Isoelectric focusing gels
  • LC & HPLC
  • NMR samples
  • Environmental studies

Sample ArrowDOXTM Microsoft WindowsTM Screenshots:


ArrowDoxTM Micro oxidation-reduction Measurement System including Model ORP-146S micro combination redox electrode with built in reference, Model 6230 pH/millivolt electrometer with USB port to PC or laptop, PC cable, complete WindowsTM compatible software program for recording, tabulating, and graphing redox potentials on your PC or laptop.

Item Number
ORP-146CXS - ArrowDoxTM Measurement System.

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