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Micro Needle pO2 Probe

You can now measure pO2 in tissue samples

Insert the needle probe directly into tissue samples for oxygen concentration measurements in various kinds of tissues including various plant and animal tissues and cell cultures.

The pO2 needle probe is now available as a complete system which measures, plots and graphs all-in-one. Complete system includes pO2 needle probe, amplifier, dissolved oxygen monitor and software which logs and plots directly to your PC. See DO systems index for full further information.

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  • Use with any pH meter. The needle pO2 electrode utilizes a self contained amplifier circuit which makes it useable with any standard pH/mV meter for dissolved oxygen measurements. The pO2 needle probe can be plugged directly into any pH meter and is available with all standard pH meter connectors including BNC, U.S. standard, Radiometer(R), and Metrohm (R).
  • Use with Chart Recorder. Output voltage of 0 to 2 volts DC allows connection to any standard chart recorder for continuous monitoring of pO2 level.
  • Porlagraphic Principle. pO2 needle probe works on polarographic principle where oxygen is reduced at a tiny cathode sensor housed inside a hypodermic needle.
  • pO2 Depth Profiles. Determine pO2 as a function of tissue depth.
  • Small Sensor Size. The pO2 needle diameter is 16 gauge.
  • Long Needle Length. Needle length is 38 mm giving it ample size to insert into thick tissue samples.
  • Calibrate in Convenient Units. The micro pO2 probe can be calibrated in mm Hg pO2 partial pressure, % oxygen, or ppm dissolved oxygen.
  • Broad pO2 Concentration Range. The micro pO2 has a range from 0 to 100% oxygen or 0 to 760 mm Hg pO2 partial pressure.
  • Low O2 Detection Limit. The micro pO2 has a detection limit of 1 mm Hg pO2 partial pressure.
  • Broad Temperature Range. Temperature range is 0 to 50 oC.

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DO-166NPS pO2 needle probe
DO-166NPS-SXS Complete pO2 needle probe measurement & data logging system
Complete pO2 measurement and data logging system is 15% off for a limited time
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