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Micro Flow Through Electrodes

Micro flow through pH electrode
Micro flow through conductivity probe

Micro flow electrodes have internal volumes of less than 50 ul (except for pO2 which has a volume of 150 ul) for flow through applications in biotechnology, chemical research, pharmacology, organ perfusion studies, HPLC, protein chromatography, ion chromatography, FIA, and environmental studies.

Micro Flow Through Electrode Product Index

Item Price Description/Applications
Micro flow through pH electrode $455.00 HPLC, protein chromatography, flowing samples
Micro flow through DO electrode $575.00 Use with bioreactors, respiration studies etc.
Micro flow through conductivity electrode $499.00 Protein chromatography, ion chromatography
Micro flow through ORP electrode $499.00 Monitor ORP in flow through applications
Micro flow through ion electrodes $399 and upNH3, Br, Cd, Ca, CO2, Cl, Cu, Cn, F, BF4, I, Pb, Li, NO3, ClO4, K, S, Ag, Na, Water Hardness

Unique adavantages of micro flow through electrodes

  • Low volume flow through systems. All flow through ion electrodes have internal volumes less than 50 microliters (except for pO2 which has a volume of 150 ul).
  • Wide flow range. The standard flow through cells have a flow range of 0 to 25 ml/min. Flow cells are also available for flow rates up to 500 ml/min.
  • Rapid response. Response time for all the flow through electrodes is less than 20 seconds for a 50% increase in the parameter being monitored.
  • Low detection limit. Micro flow through ion electrodes will typically measure below 1 ppm, while some ion electrodes like the sodium electrode will measure down to 0.02 ppm (1 micro Molar). Conductivity micro flow through electrode can detect down to 1 microsiemen.
  • Compatible with all laboratory pH meters. The micro flow through electrodes are compatible with all major brand pH meters including Orion(R), Beckman(R) Corning(R), Fisher(R), and Radiometer(R). Specify meter when ordering.
  • Use chart recorder or PC for continuous recording of concentration vs. time. The recorder output from the pH/mV meter which is used with the pH and ion electrodes can be input into a standard strip chart recorder or PC with an A to D converter. The pO2 and conductivity flow through electrodes can be fed directly into a chart recorder or PC.
  • Use with silastic or other flexible tubing. Electrodes come with miniature hose barb end fitting. Just slip the silastic or other tubing over the hose barb fitting for a leak free connection.
  • Use with HPLC fittings. The micro flow through electrodes also come with 1/4-28 chromatography fittings and can be plumbed directly to an HPLC system using fluoropolymer or PEEK tubing.
  • Indispensable tool for LC gradient elution of proteins. The conductivity monitor is ideally suited for continuous monitoring of salt gradients in ion exchange, reverse phase, hydrophobic interaction, and hydroxylapetite separations.
  • All biocompatible components. All electrode components are made of glass, fluoropolymer, acrylic, and epoxy and are completely compatible with biological solutions containing proteins etc.
  • Autoclavable Autoclavable micro flow through electrodes are available at extra cost. Specify when ordering.
  • Ideal for organ perfusion studies. The micro flow through electrodes for pH, pO2, and pCO2 are ideally suited for perfusion studies in liver, kidney, heart, lung, and other perfused organ systems.

Accessories for micro flow through electrodes

pH/mV/ION/Temp meter
Ideal companion of micro
flow through electrodes
SALE - only $397.00

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