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Ion selective electrodes

combination ion electrodes
Combination ion electrodes
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NOTE: All ion selective electrodes are combination probes
which also include the reference element

Item Price Description/Applications
Ammonia $395.00Determine NH3 in beer, fish tanks, wine, water
Bromide $350.00 Determine Br in wine, soils, plants, water etc.
Cadmium $375.00 Determine Cd in plating baths, wastewater etc.
Calcium $375.00 Determine Ca in milk, foods, wine, cultures, plants
Carbon Dioxide $395.00 Determine CO2 in beverages, wine, bacterial cultures
Chloride $375.00 Determine Cl in foods, boiler water, soils, plating
Copper $375.00 Determine Cu in plating baths, effluents, water
Cyanide $350.00 Determine CN in wastewater, metal finishing
Fluoride $375.00 Determine F in water, metal finishing, geology, foods
Fluorborate $399.00 Determine fluorborate in plating baths
Iodide $350.00 Determine I in plants, milk, pharmaceuticals
Lead $375.00 Determine Pb in wastewater, plating solutions, etc.
Nitrate $375.00 Determine NO3 in fertilizers, wastewater, food, soil
Perchlorate $399.00 Determine perchlorate in various chemicals
Potassium $375.00 Determine K in fertilizer, soil, foods, wine
Silver $350.00 Determine Ag in photographic solutions, plating
Sodium $370.00 Determine Na in foods, plants, boiler water
Sulfide $399.00 Determine S in water, wastewater, pulp & paper
Surfactant $399.00 Titrate for cationic and anionic surfactants
Thiocyanate $350.00 Determine thiocyanate in various chemical solutions
Water hardness $399.00 Useful anywhere hard water is a problem

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