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Are you silently killing your fish?

Accurate pH
readings for
only $99.00

Fish need constant pH levels in their water. Even slight deviations in tank pH can be harmful to your fish.

Are you doing the grave mistake of leaving your pH measurements up to cheap testing kits or even pH paper? These methods are highly inaccurate and unreliable. Learn what the minimal requirement is for accurate pH measurements.

The only acceptable way to measure pH is using a pH meter. If you already own a pH meter you are off to the right start, but owning the meter is simply not enough. Are you sure you are calibrating it often enough? Are you cleaning your electrode properly? Are you storing your pH meter incorrectly? And most importantly, did you buy the wrong pH meter for your application? Determine just which measurement equipment you need based on expert recommendations.

You are a pro with
our aqua combo

Simply put, if you care about your fish, you need the facts on pH measurement.

We at know your predicament. That is why we have developed our "pH Primer". Our "pH Primer" gives you all the information you need on measuring pH. Our parent company has been helping people measure pH since 1976. Imagine 26 years of pH measurement experience in one booklet! By requesting your FREE copy of the "pH Primer" we will help you in measuring pH each step of the way. Simply fill out the request form below and you we will send you the booklet shortly. Trust us, your fish will thank you for it.

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Expert recommendations for your pH measurement needs

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