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Industrial pH monitors-controllers

Combination controller pH/ORP $249.00
Multi-range conductivity controller $299.00
Isolated 2 wire pH transmitter $435.00

Industrial pH monitors-controllers Product Index

Item Price Description/Applications
Dual display cond/ORP/pH meter $499.00Measure conductivity and pH/ORP simultaneously
Combination controller pH/ORP $249.00 Panel mount controller with 1/8 DIN Al case (SALE)
pH/mV/Temp controller $565.00 min & max set points controller
Simultaneous comb controller pH/ORP $299.00 Control both pH and ORP simultaneously
Isolated 2 wire pH transmitter $435.00 pH transmitter for noisy humid environments
Isolated 2 wire ORP transmitter $435.00 ORP transmitter for noisy humid environments
Multi range conductivity controller $299.00 Low cost high performance conductivity controller


Process pH Electrodes

Nonglass pH electrodes for fluoride solutions
Kynar inline pH electrodes
Stainless steel inline pH electrodes
CPVP inline disposable pH electrodes
Self cleaning flat surface pH electrodes
Retractable LOCK-N-LOAD pH sensor assembly
High purity water pH sensor
Removable pH electrode while maintaining process inegrity - food & pharmaceuticals

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