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Water Testing Equipment

Dissolved oxygen electrode for use with pH meter, recorder, or PC

Dissolved oxygen electrode for use with pH meter, recorder, or PC
Cat. No.: DO-166-4L
Unit Price: $435.00
Dissolved Oxygen Range: 0 to 20 ppm
Dissolved Oxygen Resolution: 0.05 ppm
Temperature Range: 0 to 50 oC
Sample Size: 2 ml
Accuracy: +/- 0.2 ppm at calibration temperature
Response Time: : Response time at 25 C is 12 seconds for 90% of reading.
Connector:Available BNC, U.S. standard, Radiometer, and other common connectors (please specify when ordering).
Power: 9 volt disposable battery or 110/220 AC.
Dimensions: 16 mm dia x 75 mm length

Description: This dissolved oxygen probe comes complete with its own preamplifier circuit so that it can be used directly with most pH/millivolt meters, strip chart recorders, and a PC which has an A/D converter. The standard probe comes with a 4 ft. cable (1.2 meter) and can be used for both field and lab work.

  • USE WITH ANY pH METER. Probe can be plugged directly into any standard pH meter for dissolved oxygen measurements.
  • USE WITH PC COMPUTER. Use with Lazar low cost datalogger for monitoring and recording with your PC.
  • COVERS FULL DO RANGE. Electrode can measure dissolved oxygen from 0 to 20 ppm or 0 to 150% saturation.
  • ELIMINATES WINKLER METHOD. Probe measures dissolved oxygen directly without involved wet chemistry of titrations needed with the Winkler method.
  • BOD MEASUREMENTS. BOD probe fits directly into BOD bottle for 5 day or continuous BOD measurements.
  • PORTABLE. On-the-spot field measurements of dissolved oxygen can be made without a trip back to the laboratory.
  • RAPID RESPONSE. Typical response time at room temperature is 12 seconds.

Applications:Applications include measurements in potable water and wastewater, environmental analysis of lakes, streams, and rivers, and BOD determinations.

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