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Titration Equipment

Rugged bulb pH Titration electrode

Rugged bulb pH Titration electrode
Cat. No.: 1315TRAL (for Ionic(R), Kyoto(R), Orion(R), and Tytronics(R) titration systems)
Cat. No.: 1315TGRAL (with NS 14/15 ground joint for Applikon(R), Brinkman(R), Metrohm(R), Mettler (R), and Schott(R) titration systems)
Unit Price: $99.00 (1315TRAL)
Unit Price: $120.00 (1315TGRAL)
pH Range: 0 to 13
Temp. Range: 0 to 100 oC
Body Type: Rugged glass
Dimensions: 12mm dia x 110mm length
Internal ref.: Ag/AgCl refillable

Description: pH titration electrode constructed with extra tough pH bulb sensor.

Applications: pH titrations of milk, wine, other beverages and foods, alkalinity, etc.

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