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Direct Reading Ion Meters

Laboratory/Field Direct Reading Ion Meters

Laboratory Ion Selective Electrodes

Simplify your chemical analysis with these direct reading ion meters
  • High Sensitivity: Most ions can be measured to below 1 ppm. Some ions such as copper (+2) can be measured down to the low part per billion range.
  • Fast response time: Ion meters have a rapid response to changing ionic concentration. Response time of 30 seconds to 1 minute is typical.
  • Broad concentration range: Ion meters will detect ions down to the low part per million range up to several thousand ppm. Some of the electrodes will measure up to a concentration of 1 Molar.
  • Resistant Body: The ion meters utilize ion electrodes which usable in acids, bases and some solvents.
  • Portable: The ion meters are fully portable with self contained batteries. On-the-spot field measurements can be made without a trip back to the laboratory.
  • Small Samples: Ion meters can measure samples as small as 5 ml.
  • Quick and Simple Readings: The ion meters are easy to calibrate in the lab or the field. Readings are directly displayed on the meter panel in any convenient concentration units including ppm (parts per million) and Molarity.

Order direct reading ion by checking off the appropriate box below next to the ion meter you want to order.

All ion meters in the table below utilize combination ion electrodes where the reference electrode is already included within the body of the ion selective electrode.
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Electrode type Cat. No. Cost  Check Box  Measurement
Range (M)
pH Range Temp. Range (oC) Interferences
Ammonia  LGS-136NHD  $655.00
5exp-6 to 1.0 5exp-7 to 1.0 0.01 to 17,000above 110 to 50volatile aminues
Bromide  LIS-146BRCD  $610.00
5exp-6 to 1.0 5exp-6 to 1.0 0.4 to 79,0002 to 140 to 80S-, I-, CN-, high levels of CL- and NH3
Cadmium LIS-146CDCD  $650.00
5exp-6 to 1.0 1exp-7 to 1exp-1 0.01 to 11,2002 to 120 to 80Ag+, Hg+2, Cu+2
Calcium LIS-146CACD  $650.00
5exp-6 to 1.0 5exp-6 to 1.0 0.2 to 40,0003 to 100 to 50Pb+2, Hg+2, Cu+2, Ni+2
Carbon Dioxide LGS-136COD  $694.00
5exp-6 to 1.0 exp-2 to exp-4 4.4 to 4404.8 to 5.20 to 50Volatile weak acids
Chloride LIS-146CLCD $610.00 
5exp-6 to 1.0 5exp-6 to 1.0 1.8 to 35,5002 to 120 to 80S-2, I-, CM-, Br-
Copper LIS-146CUCD  $650.00
5exp-6 to 1.0 1exp-8 to 1exp-1 0.0006 to 6,3502 to 120 to 80Ag+, Hg+2
Cyanide LIS-146CNCD  $610.00
5exp-6 to 1.0 5exp-6 to 1exp-2 0.13 to 26011 to 130 to 80S-2, I-, Br-, Cl-
Fluoride  LIS-146FCD  $650.00
5exp-6 to 1.0 1exp-6 to saturated 0.02 to saturated5 to 80 to 80OH-
Fluorborate LIS-146FLCD  $670.00
5exp-6 to 1.0 6exp-6 to 1.0 0.1 to 10,8002.5 to 110 to 50ClO4-, I-, CN-
Iodide  LIS-146ICD  $610.00 
5exp-6 to 1.0 5exp-8 to 1.0 0.006 to 127,0000 to 140 to 80S-2, CN-, Br-, Cl-
Lead  LIS-146LICD  $650.00
5exp-6 to 1.0 1exp-6 to 1exp-1 0.2 to 20,7003 to 80 to 80Ag+, Hg+2, Cu+2, high levels Cd+2 and Fe+2
Nitrate  LIS-146NOCD  $650.00 
5exp-6 to 1.0 7exp-6 to 1.0 0.6 to 62,0002.5 to 110 to 50ClO4-, I-, CN-, BF4-
Perchlorate  LIS-146PERCD $650.00 
5exp-6 to 1.0 7exp-6 to 1.0 0.7 to 98,0002.5 to 110 to 50no significant interferences
Potassium  LIS-146KCD  $650.00 
5exp-6 to 1.0 1exp-6 to 1.0 0.04 to 39,0002 to 120 to 50Cs+, NH4+
Silver/sulfide  LIS-146AGSCD  $610.00 
5exp-6 to 1.0 1exp-7 to 1.0 AG = 0.01 to 107,900
S = 0.003 to 32,100
2 to 120 to 80Hg+2, Hg+
Sodium  LIS-146NACD  $585.00 
5exp-6 to 1.0 1exp-6 to saturated 0.2 to 23,0005 to 120 to 80H+, K+, Li+, Ag+, Cs+, Tl+
Surfactant  LIS-146SURCD $670.00 
5exp-6 to 1.0 1exp-5 to 5exp-2 1.0 to 12,0002 to 120 to 50similar types of surfactants
Thiocyanate  LIS-146SCNCD $610.00 
5exp-6 to 1.0 5exp-6 to 1.0 0.3 to 58,0002 to 100 to 80S+2, CN-, I-, Br-, S2O3-2, NH3
Water hardness LIS-146WHCD  $670.00 
5exp-6 to 1.0 1exp-5 to 1.0 0.4 to 40,000 (as Ca)5 to 100 to 50Cu+2, Zn+2, Mi+2, Fe+2

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