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Lowest cost accurate pH testing kit for beverages

Do you want the accuracy but can't afford the price?

Many brewers complain that the low cost pH meters are not accurate enough for the high accuracy needed to measure the pH of beverages. It is known that brewers need accuracy of 0.1 or better. That is why our experts have developed this low cost pH measurement kit especially for beverages. Our kit is unique in the industry because or our beverage specialty pH electrode which is hooked up to a low cost pH meter. It is the high value pH electrode which gives this kit its high accuracy of 0.02. We say with confidence that you will not find another pH measurement kit for beverages which costs lower than this one.

Regular price: $123.75 Our price: only $99.00
  • Know what the pH of your beer, wine, liquor or other alcohol really is with readings down to 0.02.
  • No more comparing color shades   with this easy to read digital display with calibration set screw. pH paper can be as inaccurate as an entire pH unit. With that sort of accuracy you might as well not measure!
  • Comes complete with pH buffer packets for easy calibration
  • Easy as 1-2-3   (1) To use simply dip pH stick into buffer and adjust the set screw. (2) Rinse with water, and dip into brew. (3) Read pH value from the digital display
  • Long lasting 700 hours of use on a single battery. Compare this with a package of pH strips! Continue getting accurate results unlike with pH test kits where your results might vary once the kit gets contaminated.
  • Complete with buffer solution   We take the guess work out of measuring pH by providing you with a complete pH measurement solution.

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Warning: This kit is the lowest cost tester for accurate pH readings for beverages. Suspect inaccuracies in any pH measurement equipment which costs lower than this.
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