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Glass body low cost steam sterilizable oxygen probes for fermentation Glass body low cost steam sterilizable oxygen probes for fermentation

This series of steam sterilizable electrodes is designed for economical use. They are constructed very similar to the standard pH electrodes, have a 10 and 12mm body, and can be ordered with the desired "H" length. "H" length is determined by the insertion depth on the under side of the fermentor headplate to the tip of the probe. Glass disposable electrodes are available in both polarographic and galvanic styles to fill all requirements.

The glass DO probes are available for laboratory fermentation, where sterilization takes place in a separate autoclave. The disposable Lazar Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes are compatible with most common oxygen amplifiers found in fermentation. Glass body oxygen electrodes are non-temperature compensated and are required to be kept at a constant temperature. Calibration must be made at the same temperature as the controlled fermentation. The electrodes feature external filling tubes. Electrolyte can be added during use without removing the electrode from the vessel. The electrode membranes can be replaced very easily. However, some skill is involved in replacing them.

The polarographic type electrodes are to be used with Ingold, pHoenix amplifiers or amplifiers from other manufacturers designed to be used with Ingold DO electrodes. The galvanic type electrodes are designed to be used with NBS, LSL Biolafitte and pHoenix Electrode Co. amplifiers.

TYPE 027IP15L Polarographic 027BG15L Galvanic 027NG15L Galvanic
Cathode Pt Ag Ag
Anode Ag/AgCl Pb Pb
Response 98% 60 sec. 98% 60 sec. 98% 60 sec.
Temp. Compensationno no no
Temp. Range0 - 60 oC0 - 60 oC0 - 60 oC
Residual SignalLess Than 1nA0.5-1mVLess Than 0.4uA
* = Medium Saturated With Air

All of the above electrodes have:
  • Stability (Constant Temperature): Better Than 2%
  • Sterilization Temp.: 130oC

    Part. No."H" LengthBody DiameterTypeAmplifier and CompatibilityCOSTB
    027IP15L"H"-DL 12mm Polarographic pHoenix(R), Ingold(R) and others $292.00B
    *027BG15L"H"-DL12mm Galvanic LSL Biolafitte(R) $292.00B
    027NG15L"H"-DL10mm Galvanic New Brunswick Scientific(R) $292.00B
    *Must be used with 9001094-010U cable.

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    027IP15L Polarographic
    027BG15L Galvanic
    027NG15L Galvanic

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