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Data Acquisition

20 Ms/S Dual channel oscilloscope card for PC

Cat. No.: PC-DTO-1M
Unit Price: $250.00
  • Versatile PC Windows compatible program included on CD ROM
  • Sample rates to 20 Ms/S per channel
  • Display of low frequency waveforms using scroll mode
  • User friendly point and click graphics interface
  • Auto setup
  • Use up to 8 DSO PC boards to simultaneously display up to 16 waveforms
Description: 2 channel 20 Ms/S PC based DSO included Windows(R) compatible software which allows user to capture and display waveforms from an easy to use graphics user interface.
Applications: Use this PC system anywhere a precision dual trace oscilloscope would be used.

Ch1 and 2:
Sensitivity: 5mV/Div to 5V/Div. in 7 steps (1-2-5)
Bandwidth(-3dB): DC: DC to 4MHz
AC: 10HZ to 4MHz
Input Impedance:
Resistance: 1MW 2% , Capacitance: 25pF
Input coupling: AC-GND-DC
Display Mode: Ch1,Ch2, Add, Dual, XY
Max. input voltage: 300V DC + AC peak
Vertical Resolution: 8 Bits
Time Base
Sweep Time: 50nS/Div to 0.5S/Div in 22 steps (1-2-5)
X10 Mag.: 5nS/Div to 50mS/div.
Scroll mode Sweep Time: 10S/Div, 30S/Div,1Min/Div, 30Min./Div, 1H/Div
Sweep modes: Auto, Normal , Single
Sampling rate: 20 Ms/S per Channel.
Memory Length: 32KB/ Ch.
Trigger : CH 1, CH 2 , EXT
Ext. Trigger Coupling: AC
Trigger Slope: Positive or Negative
Trigger Sensitivity: 3 Div.
Pre trigger: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%
PC Requirements:
Processor* : 80386, 80486 or Pentium
Memory: 640K or better
Video adapter VGA or SVGA
Operating System: Windows 95
Hard Disk Space: 10 MB or greater
Software Media: CD ROM
Bus: ISA
* Requires Co-Processor
General Specifications
Size: 3.9" W x 7" L; Weight: 7oz.
Power Consumption: 5 Watts
Operating Temperature: 0 To 40 C
Instruction Pamphlet and CD ROM

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