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Micro flow through dissolved oxygen probe

Micro flow through dissolved oxygen probe
Cat. No.: DO-166FTL
Unit Price: $575.00
Dissolved Oxygen Range: 0 to 760 mm Hg O2 partial pressure, 0 to saturation O2
Dissolved Oxygen Resolution: 1 mm Hg O2
Temperature Range: 0 to 50 oC
Automatic Temperature Compensation: yes
Flow Tubing and Connections: 1/8 inch OD Teflon tubing with 1/4-28chromatography fittings or micro PVC tubing using hose barb connectors (bothoptions included with each electrode)
Sample Size: minimum sample size is 150 microliters
Flow Rates: 0 to 25 ml/min
Response Time: : Response time at 25 C is 2 seconds for 90% of reading.
Connector:Available BNC, U.S. standard, Radiometer, and other common connectors (please specify when ordering).
Power: 9 volt disposable battery or 110/220 AC.

Description:A micro flow through dissolved oxygen electrode with internalcell volume of only 150 microliters. Electrode comes complete withelectronic preamplifier which gives millivolt output. Electrode also comescomplete with membranes and filling solution for operating the probe.

  • USE IN BIOREACTOR, CELL CULTURE, AND ORGAN PERFUSION: pO2 Systemlow volume (150 microliter) is ideally suited for in linemonitoring of bioreactors, organ perfusion, and cell culture.
  • pC02 volume is 100ul.
  • ATTACHES DIRECTLY TO SILASTIC TUBING: End fittings on pO2 & pCO2 probes attach directly to standard silastic tubing.
  • USE WITH YOUR pH METER: pO2 & pCO2 probes plug directly into your pH meter.
  • USE WITH STRIP CHART RECORDER: Continuous pO2 and CO2 monitoring using strip chart recorder.
  • USE WITH PC COMPUTER: Use with A/D converter for monitoring and recording with your PC computer.
  • MEASURE SMALL BATCH SAMPLES: Use micro syringe to inject sample into flowcell for oxygen measurement of samples as small as 150 microliters.

Applications:Biotechnology, organ perfusion studies, physiology, HPLC fluorescence.

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Note: There is a surcharge of $6.00 for radiometer or DIN connectors
US Standard

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